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Testing Your Teen for Bipolar Disorder

While bipolar disorder is typically developed in young adulthood, the second most common group to develop bipolar disorder is teens. And while many of the symptoms of bipolar disorder are the same in teens and adults, some do differ. This article gives more information about bipolar in teens....(more)

Understanding Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is an affective disorder which is characterized by periods of mania or hypomania and periods of depression. And while bipolar disorder was once not thought to occur in children, it's now estimated that about one-quarter of adults with bipolar I first had symptoms in childhood....(more)

How is Pediatric Bipolar Disorder Treated?

Treating bipolar disorder in the pediatric population is difficult as few medications have been tested in children and even fewer have been approved for use in pediatric bipolar disorder. Both inpatient and outpatient services are often needed to treat child and adolescent bipolar disorder....(more)

Riding the Roller Coaster: Common Bipolar Symptoms in Kids

There's no arguing against the fact that bipolar disorder is among the most severe diseases that affect both adults and kids. But imagine being afflicted by this condition as a kid, living your whole life with the unpredictable mood swings, temper tantrums, and psychological complications. This is what every kid with bipolar disorder is subjected to every day. What's more is that the bipolar symptoms are more severe, unpredictable, and erratic in kids than in adults. This article highlights some of the most common bipolar symptoms in kids....(more)


How to Approach Bipolar Medication Treatment Changes

Unfortunately, the average person with bipolar will try many medications before finding one that works. Even once finding an appropriate treatment, it's likely he will still have to face additional changes as treatments can become less effective over time. Here's how to handle medication changes....(more)

What to do about Disagreement with your Bipolar Treatment Plan

People with bipolar have a variety of treatment plans. Most involve a combination of traditional treatments but some will choose therapy alone or the use of a naturopath rather than a doctor. Some will disagree with this. Here's how to handle people who disagree with your bipolar treatment plan....(more)

How to Recuperate from a Bipolar Episode

Bipolar is a cyclic disorder so at times, people will be experiencing acute symptoms while at others they may be symptom-free. An acute bipolar episode can be extremely exhausting physically, professionally, and interpersonally. For this reason, people need time to recuperate after an episode....(more)


Mental Health Sites Featuring Effective Cures for Biopolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a chronic and serious mental illness characterized by changes in mood between elevated manic or hypomanic episodes and depressive episodes. Treatments include medication, therapy and lifestyle changes....(more)

The Best Forums for those Living with Bipolar

Bipolar forums connect like-minded individuals online. People with bipolar disorder can meet others like them for support, answers to questions, and suggestions on how to handle the difficulties in living with bipolar disorder. Check out these five active bipolar forums....(more)

The Most Prominent Alternative Treatments for Bipolar Disorder

Although there are a wide variety of prescription medications available to treat bipolar disorder, many patients find relief from the condition by using alternative treatments. Alternative bipolar treatments are known to address major symptoms but do not carry as much of a risk for side effects as prescription drugs. Here are several alternative treatments that are commonly used by bipolar patients....(more)

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